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Smart Mark Training

Smart Mark is an excellent instructor-led, interactive curriculum that meets and exceeds the requirements of the OSHA Construction 10- and 30-hour programs.  Covering over 20 topics, the Smart Mark program is flexible and easy to use. 

Each topic includes:

  • Power points
    Colorful power points cover hazards in an interesting presentation so that instructors can guide their students to understand how to recognize, avoid, and abate common construction site dangers. 
  • Lesson Plans
    Each topic has instructor lesson plans, background information, and classroom activity suggestions in Adobe pdf format that can be printed easily.
  • Student Booklets
    Each lesson has a student booklet, a brief overview of all the important information that the student can take with them back to their worksites for reference.

The Smart Mark program was developed by the Building and Construction Trades Department of the AFL-CIO and is available to International Unions affiliated with the BCTD. Most of the instructor and student materials are available in both English and Spanish.* 

Since the first edition Smart Mark in 1998, more than 5,000 OSHA-authorized instructors affiliated with the Building Trades have trained more than a quarter-million workers nationwide. The Building Trades are moving to make this even easier by putting all the Smart Mark curriculum online at  

To access the materials, contact your International training director or CPWR's Mike Kassman -- -- for more information.

*Some of the newest additions are only available in English.