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In order to prevent deaths, injuries and illnesses in construction, interventions must be evaluated in the workplace and communicated to employers and workers.

CPWR establishes mechanisms for moving knowledge gained through research, new technologies, and work practices out to construction work sites.

CPWR projects provide services to workers, contractors, construction site owners, researchers, unions, governments, and society. Activities include:

  • Medical surveillance programs for former construction workers who have worked at targeted Department of Energy nuclear weapons facilities throughout the country
  • Claims assistance to workers or survivors who seek compensation under the Energy Employees Compensation Act for illnesses resulting from their work on Department of Energy sites
  • Distributing documents and information with the Electronic Library of Construction Occupational Safety and Health (eLCOSH), Construction Solutions, and publications
  • Providing technical assistance and access to construction information
  • Serving on technical and consensus organizations and advisory boards to develop best practices and guidelines
  • Regulatory analysis related to construction industry safety and health
  • Facilitating research- to- practice or technology- transfer initiatives that improve construction work conditions and prevent injuries
  • Assisting NIOSH and academic researchers in gaining access to construction sites for applied research to prevent construction injuries and illnesses
  • Improving construction data acquisition, data assessment, and data sharing