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Medical Screening

Medical Screening Program for Sheet Metal Workers

CPWR collaborates with the Sheet Metal Occupational Health Institute Trust (SMOHIT) to study the health hazards of the sheet metal industry. Laura Welch, MD, (CPWR) and Randall Krocka (SMOHIT) direct this initiative.
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Building Trades National Medical Screening Program (BTMed) for former workers on DOE sites

More than 600,000 building trades workers who served our nation’s nuclear weapons programs are now at risk of developing cancer and other life-threatening ailments from worksite exposure to hazards.

For construction workers who were on Department of Energy (DOE) nuclear sites, BTMed can be a lifeline by identifying work-related health problems through free medical screenings. According to the DOE's 2018 Annual Report of the Former Worker Medical Screening Program, more than 145,871 exams have been provided through the FWP and BTMed has screened over 38,000 of them. The entire report and screening results can be found here.

CPWR has been coordinating this program since its inception in 1996, including helping workers verify employment to gain access to compensation. BTMed now serves workers from 35 DOE sites. To learn more:

For more information on the DOE Former Worker Program (FWP), go to

Click below for more information on federal compensation for former DOE/nuclear workers with occupational cancers or silicosis:

U.S. Dept of Labor energy employees compensation

More Information on DOE Medical Screening Consortium members.