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Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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Health Hazards in Construction: An Evidence-Based Approach to Estimating Exposure

In the May issue of ASSP's Professional Safety Journal, CPWR's Babak Memarian and Sara B. Brooks highlight the Exposure Control Database. 

Procurement Policies That Address Health Insurance: A Cost Analysis

Analyzes construction costs of Ohio elementary school construction (1997-2008) and finds contractors using Responsible Contracting Policies (RCPs) that include health insurance coverage for workers generally have no statistically significant impact on final bid costs. The difference in school construction cost was the school characteristics and location, as urban schools were more costly to build than rural schools.

Project Labor Agreements

This report describes various uses, sample language, and provides a review of research evaluating project labor agreements (PLAs).  These are pre-hire, and often pre-project, collective bargaining agreements between unions and owners or construction managers that establish the terms and conditions of employment on one or more specific construction projects.

They commonly have safety and worker training components.