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S&H Network: TRU-Net

Safety and health trainers are critical members of the construction stakeholder community. Their regular interaction with workers in a training setting creates opportunities to share information about new and safer equipment and work practices, hear about emerging hazards, and involve workers in new research initiatives. 

In 2014, as part of our r2p initiative and with the support of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), the link between CPWR’s consortium of safety and health researchers and extensive training network was formalized through the establishment of the Trainers & Researchers United Network (TRU-Net), giving researchers, trainers, and trainees ready access to each other’s experience and expertise.  

The goal of TRU-Net is to improve the quality and relevance of health and safety research and advance the use of effective research-based solutions in the field through:  

  • An online forum established as a place where union trainers and CPWR and NIOSH researchers can talk with each other about what’s going on in the industry, ask questions, suggest research ideas, and find out about new research initiatives and ways to become involved.  Interested members of CPWR’s research consortium or training network can register or access the forum at
  • The formal research side of TRU-Net, which involves outreach to a broader cross-section of trainers to participate in specific research projects, including, for example, participating in and conducting surveys, assisting with the interpretation of research findings, and evaluating interventions, including equipment, work practices, and materials.

The pilot of the formal research side of TRU-Net involved a trainer and worker survey conducted to learn about trainers’ and trainees’ awareness of noise hazards and hearing loss prevention practices, the types of related training provided, and barriers to use of controls and safer work practices. The trainer survey, conducted in 2015, was followed by a worker survey conducted in October 2016 to February 2017. Both the trainer survey results and worker survey results identified a need for additional training materials and new strategies to improve retention of the information and training provided. Based on these findings, CPWR developed the comprehensive Construction Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention Training Program which includes models and exercises that can be used on their own or part of OSHA training programs.

To learn more read TRU-Net: Connecting Training and Research to Advance Research to Practice (r2p).