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Construction Solutions

Babak Memarian

Research Team: Sara Brooks, Chris Le

The Construction Solutions Program builds upon the success as an online controls database based on the hierarchy of controls and expand to a comprehensive program encompassing several interrelated projects. This research will increase the adoption of controls in three ready for impact areas: falls, struck-by, and Prevention through Design (PtD); second it will make an exposure and control database targeting four high priority health hazards available to the industry; third it will improve and increase the number of innovative web-based tools to help contractors make informed safety and health decisions; and fourth the number of Solutions available through our online database will be expanded.

The change in intent to adopt Solutions following targeted webinars will be measured with two follow up surveys in Aim 1. In Aim 2 the research will use multiple methods to build the exposure and control database and crowdsource data in collaboration with NIOSH DART. In Aim 3 intention to adopt controls after economic information is provided will be measured. The study incorporates multiple evaluation methods and will employ the r2p Roadmap and appropriate dissemination methods widely.

This project will also support the Engineering and Work Practice Controls Workgroup (ECWG).  This Workgroup which is co-chaired by CPWR and NIOSH, was established in 1993 and has met regularly since. The Work Group includes representatives from labor, management, manufacturing and government.  Participation by specific individuals and organizations varies depending on the types of engineering controls that the Workgroup is focusing on at a particular point in time. Since it was established, this Workgroup has tackled engineering controls related to, for example, asphalt from roofing kettles and paving operations, dust from drywall sanding, welding fumes, silica control for concrete/masonry grinding and cutting and abrasive blasting.