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CPWR Reports

CPWR publishes reports of findings by CPWR staff, consortium members, and other researchers. In addition, members of the CPWR consortium publish reports in scientific journals and trade magazines.  The reports are divided into the following 9 categories:

Special Reports: A collection of miscellaneous research: meta-analyses, case studies, etc. not related to one of the other categories listed.

Construction Safety and Health: Annotated Bibliographies: Topics in Construction Safety and Health - A series of annotated, interdisciplinary bibliographies of academic research on major topics in construction occupational safety and health, from Asbestos to Training.

Workplace Policies and Safety Management System Interventions: Reports related to strengthening workplace safety culture and job site safety climate, and topics such as interpersonal conflict, foremen leadership training implementing safe work practices, accident reduction, and green jobs. For additional information on safety culture, and safety climate, visit

Design for Safety: Analyses of construction accidents from a design perspective and investigations on designing for safety.

Evaluation of Training: Comparisons of training programs and evaluations of training implementation and impact.

Data Analysis of Construction Deaths & Injuries: Surveillance and data analysis of fatal and non-fatal injuries in the construction industry and some of its sub-sectors.

Ergonomics: Information on work-related musculoskeletal disorders and ergonomic equipment or work practices. For additional information on ergonomics beyond CPWR reports, visit the r2p Construction Ergonomic Research & Solutions section of our site.

Health Hazards: Research on work-related illness and the hazardous exposures that cause illness.

Safety Hazards: Research on the causes and prevention of work-related injuries.

Hispanic Workers: Research on Hispanic employment in constructions and trends affecting Hispanic worker health and safety.