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ecd.cpwrconstructionsolutions.org – an interactive tool for the construction industry that helps predict exposure to workplace hazards using objective exposure measurements.


bestbuiltplans.org - provides contractors and workers with practical tools and information to plan for safe materials handling while staying productive and profitable. Access the jobsite planning tool, training resources, and interactive coaching exercises created to reduce manual materials handling (MMH) and prevent sprain and strain injuries.

SafeConstructionNetwork.org - The Construction Safety & Health Network allows members and site users to find and easily share the latest research findings, new tools, solutions and programs with their networks, connect with other industry stakeholders, researchers, and experts on specific hazards through the Network Directory, and to disseminate and promote their own findings, materials, and products with a broader stakeholder audience.

www.btmed.org – Learn about the Building Trades National Medical Screening Program and its goal to provide free medical screenings to construction workers who helped build our nation's nuclear defense sites.




ChooseHandSafety.org – Find information on the risks and ways to prevent hand injuries, including what to look for when choosing hand tools and gloves.

www.cpwrconstructionsolutions.org- Find practical control measures to reduce or eliminate a variety of construction hazards.
safecalc.org - Evaluate the financial impact of safer equipment, materials, and work practices using this free online calculator.
www.elcosh.org - An online library of safety and health materials for construction workers,employers, researchers, and other stakeholders.




safetyclimateassessment.com – Use this tool to help your company gain a more detailed understanding of its safety climate.



stopconstructionfalls.com - Visit our website and join the ongoing Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction.
www.silica-safe.org - A one-stop source of information on how to prevent a silica hazard and protect workers, including a free online planning tool to help contractors comply with the plan requirements in the OSHA Silica Standard.
www.esmartmark.org - Contact your international union to access this site created by NABTU to distribute the Smart Mark training curriculum.